You should go for preferential looking examinations. This can be done by using a card, which has blank on one sides, and stripes on other part. This helps to assess the visibility of a child.

Eye testing methods for pre school children:

  • Most of the parents feel that pre school children are too young and they need not go for regular eye testing. The conception is extremely misleading. Even the pre school children needs to go through thorough eye check ups, so that they are able to concentrate on their academic activities. The common eye testing methods for children includes the following:
  • LEA Symbols for children, similar to the regular eye tests done with the help of charts containing letters, excepting special symbols in the tests including apple, square, and a circle
  • Retinoscopy, a type of test involving shining light directed towards the eye to monitor reflection from back of the retina, where images can reach up to the light-sensitive cells. Tests of this kind, helps eye specialist to decide eyeglass prescription of the child
  • Random Dot Stereopsis makes use of dot patterns for measuring relation between one eye and other

The eyes conducted helps to determine the amount of damage that has already taken place, and the necessary treatment that should be provided. Eye testing must be conducted for detecting the following kinds of eye problems like amblyopia or laxy eyes.

Last eye is a condition, in which the ability to see clearly decreases. It is the condition were either any one or both of the eyes may be detected of anatomic damage. There are several tools available for detecting the amount of damage. Amblyopia unfortunately cannot be cured with the help of contact lenses or eyeglasses. Eye patching may be required to respite from conditions of these kinds. Patching method helps to add strength to a weaker eye.

Strabismus or Misalignment of eyes is another very common eye problem. There are several factors associated with eye troubles of this kind. Misalignment of eyes is commonly found among the children suffering from symptoms of lazy eyes or amblyopia.

Depth perception problems, color vision, problem in focusing or accommodation are also very common eye problems. Ability of the child to gauge distances in-between objects are tested to see if he or she is suffering from any of the above stated problems.

Eyelid health and General eye, helps to identify if the child was suffering from shape irregularity, or discharging on the lid margins and eye lashes. The doctors in these cases may look out for infected eyelash follicles, swelling or edema and irregularities of other kinds.

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