It is the responsibility of every parent to choose the right toy for their kid. Kids do not have a fully developed visual system and it grows as they age. Kids can see the objects that are close whereas pre school goers and toddlers are far sighted, others need eye glasses. Kids are stimulated visually as they grow and nothing stimulates their vision more than toys. It is important to note in this context that a majority of accidents start with toys. As kids spend a majority of their time with toys, parents should ensure that they are safe for their eyes as well as their body. In case a toy is unsafe, it could mean that they are not suitable for the age.

Choosing the Right Toy

  • Other than ensuring that the toy is suited to the age of your kid, you also need to note that it is developmentally correct. Toys often contain smaller pieces which are labeled as appropriate for certain age groups. If your 4 year old kid likes to have toys in their mouth, they are not correct for the kid developmentally.
  • Secondly, you must also pay attention to the size of the toy. If a plaything is not suited to be put into your kid’s mouth, consider putting it aside until the kid grows up. Ensure that the toy is sturdy for breaking or cracking. You also need to check the toxicity of their finishes or paints that can come peeling off.

Plush and stuffed toys must be washable by machine and if younger kids are playing with them, they must not have ribbons and buttons that can come off. Toys with rough edges should be avoided. Toys with long handles like brooms or vacuums or pony sticks come with rounded edges, especially for kids under 2 years.

Things to Steer Clear Of

Make sure to do away with toys for less than 6 year olds, that have objects to be shot in the air like dart guns, arrows, sling shots. If they are using them, make sure to keep watch. Older kids playing with wood working kits or chemistry sets should be provided with goggles for safety. If you are shopping for special occasions like birthdays, holidays or vacations, keep the developmental recommendations on the toys in mind, considering the age group of the kid, instead of merely going by the look.

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