In case you have to make a choice, consider going for blocks that are safe for many ages, although you need to make sure that the edges are not sharply bent. A blunt edge reduces risks such as eye injuries.

Suggestions for Using Toys

Here are a few suggestions that you may like to go through for determining the kinds of toys that are best suited for the overall safety of your kids for allowing stimulation of vision as well as contribute to hand and eye coordination and comprehend spatial relationship:

  • 0 days to 1 year: Consider bright colored mobile toys that face towards the kids, instead of facing the parent; stuffed animals, balls, activity gyms, rattles, nesting or stacking toys, pouring or measuring cups.
  • 1 year old kids: Consider toys such as clay for modeling, finger paints, balls, board books, stuffed toys and animals, nesting or stacking toys, puzzles, riding toys, pouring or measuring cups, musical play things, shape sorting toys.
  • 2 year old kids: This is the time in your kid’s life when they are a little grown up, although not enough older for understanding the meaning of things. You can in this age provide them with modeling clay, finger paint, chalk and board, balls, board books and standard books, as well as pouring or measuring cups, riding toys, dressing up clothes, shape sorters, puzzles, household toys for kids, toy type writers, lawn mowers, rakes, vacuums, brooms and other kinds of household items, cash registers, kitchen area for playing purposes including props like cabinets, refrigerator, gas stoves, tables and chairs, sinks and cup boards; stringing beads, toys for sewing, magnetic letters, back yard gym, play scapes, kiddie pools, sand boxes as well as climbing toys.
  • 3 to 6 year old kids: Large crayons and markers, finger paint, clay for modeling, chalks and chalk boards, felt pieces and felt board, kits for doctors and nurses, puzzles, bicycles, tricycles, child tape recorders, climbing toys, kiddie pools, child friendly household items, swings, dress up clothes, books and balls, computer toys or games, roller skates.
  • 7 to 10 year old kids: Crayons and markers, scientific items like microscopes, musical instruments and toys, board games, camera with film, telescopes, chemistry sets, skating board, jump rope, sports gear, electric trains, books and balls, swings and clothes for dress ups, modeling clay, bicycles, sand boxes, kid’s pools, climbing toys etc.

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