With the growing relevance of computers in our lives, it has become practically difficult for us to separate them from kids. A lot of children going to schools spend a majority of their time before computers and this brings us to the focus of determining as to whether computers are good for children, especially their vision. Computers are bad for the eyes especially of kids and this may even tell on the performance they give in school. It is also important in denoting as to whether kids should put on computer glasses or anti glares when they are in school. These are some of the commonly raised concerns about kids.

In terms of computer savvies and the ergonomic approach to the indispensable nature of computers, it may be suggested that computers do help in quantifying the efficiency level of people and in case there are problems pertaining to the usage of computers, these are generally related to CVS or computer vision syndrome that can recur both in kids and at the same time in adults.

Computers Improve the Readiness of Kids to Face School

According to a lot of studies and research that have been conducted, it has been found that increased usage of computers among kids improve their willingness and mental ability to face school and thus better their academic achievements. Based on a study, it has been seen that about 122 preschool going kids had enrolled for a rural program for Head Start. These kids were allowed to work on computers for about 20 minutes in a day. The children were given the choice of affixing their educational software program that was developmentally suitable. On the other hand, the non computer group or control group of kids were given to face a standard program for Head Start.

Results show that the children in the groups had been given a series of 4 standard tests while the study was begun. 6 months down the line, the tests showed that the computer friendly kids performed better than their peers in the non control group in terms of the following aspects:

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Readiness to face school
  • Visual motor skill
  • Gross motor skill

More than that, it was observed that the control group kids worked at computers both in school and at home, and hence there was holistic upgrading of academic performance. However, there may be risks involved.

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