Computers may improve the overall abilities of kids, but they do incorporate the risk of impairing their vision or affect their development. Kids spending most of their time before computers may suffer from problems related to computer ergonomics and CVS. Eye care specialists suggest that prolonged computer vision syndrome may lead to progressive myopia. This is why you need to guide kids regarding how much time they should spend before the computer. One of the major ways of reducing CVS is to ensure that they are seated in a comfortable position and at a suitable distance from the PC. Some characteristics are:

  • The head should be balanced on the neck instead of being tilted forward, with the computer screen positioned at least 15 degrees beneath the visual level.
  • The back should be straight with the shoulders positioned backwards in a relaxed posture. Do not slump in front on the keyboard.
  • Make sure that your upper arms are nearer to the body instead of being angled farther than the sides or tilted ahead.
  • The fore arms should be placed level on the table with the elbows at a 90 degrees angle.
  • The hands should almost be flat with the forearm with a little wrist bent
  • The feet should be flat on the ground or on the foot rest, and knees places at right angles. There should be space behind the knees instead of tucking legs below the chair.

A lot of computer experts also suggest maintaining a distance from the computer every half an hour for allowing flexibility to the body joints. This is done to relieve the muscle pulls or tensions to ease computer vision syndrome and ergonomics related problems.

Risk Reduction of Myopia and Computer Usage

One of the important reasons for myopia in children is heredity. A few researches show strain of the eyes, especially computer eye strain that may be involved. For a closer vision, the eyes need to exert itself in creating the focus. A lot of scientists estimate that concentrating on images may lead to enhanced fatigue of the eyes more than reading a normally printed magazine or book. Focusing fatigue may be eased by frequent breaks with the 20-20-10 rule: every 20 minutes, 20 feet distance for 10 seconds. With this simple exercise, you can reduce eye straining that may lead to progressive myopia. Specially made computer glasses may also be used.

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