How should you Assess Usage of Computers among Kids?

There are various ways for evaluating usage of computers among children. According to the NAEYC or National Association for the Education of Young Children, you may set the standard for ensuring excellence in computer usage in a kid right from the age of 8. The organization assesses these researches on the basis of current trends in development of children, and on the opinions of childhood teachers. The NAEYC has come up with specifications regarding the usage of computers by kids. These help in offering the best of educational experience as well as reducing on the risks of fatigue, eye strains and problems related to computer vision and ergonomics. Here are the suggestions:

  • Computers should not replace, but add to the educational actions in terms of books, music, arts, drama, play, and outdoor explorations etc. with other kids.
  • Parents must guide the way kids are using computers. Make sure to help your kid by answering their queries and interacting with them as they work on the PC.
  • Observe the computer habit of your child and take part in the activities involved. This can help you gain a thorough idea regarding how they approach and solve problems.
  • Make sure to appreciate your kid in participating with siblings or friends while they are at computers. This can ensure better social skills like cooperation and turn taking by allowing them to build good relationships, as well as develop oral and aural abilities.
  • If there is software available for the young learners, make sure you know about them. Good quality products may be available and others may not be suitable for kids as they may be difficult to utilize, or involve violent themes or lack in linguistic or learning capacities.

How to Prepare your Kid for School Computer Abilities

Make sure your kid is ready to handle computers in school and for this you can schedule a regular overall eye check up for them with an ophthalmologist. Examinations include evaluation of near vision skills for computer usage and readability along with tests of visual acuity from near and far. Inform the doctor if your kid already has eye problems like frequent rubbing, squinting, red eyes, unusual postures and head turning. Visual problems may also be indicated by the tendency to avoid computers. Comprehensive regular eye examinations for computer usage can ensure comfort in school kids.

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