The parents must not hesitate to take their children to eye specialists for examining if there are possibilities of any refractive error signs. The disease of Farsightedness is a very common problem that the children are fraught with these days. Some of the common reasons associated with it are watching television from a close proximity, playing computer games through out the day.

The parents must not ignore the prominent symptoms associated with eye trouble. Eye examination for the pre school children is a must. The eye specialists checks for refractive error or different kinds of visual problems. Eye examination is a must at the age of 6 months, there after at the age of three years, the pre school children must go for eye examination. These are the rules and regulations stipulated by the AOA or American Optometric Association.

It is very important that the child goes through medical check up before entering the schools. An eye check up just before entering the school is a must according to the rules and regulations stipulated by the AOA or American Optometric Association. Annual examination is a must for the pre school children. The annual examination helps the doctor to know about the present visionary conditions of the child. The doctors can accordingly prescribe eye glasses or contact lenses if necessary. You can get in touch with your doctor, for gathering further information about the eye problems, and the treatments associated with it. Comprehensive eye check up is a must that will enable the practitioners to know about your conditions of eye better.

Screenings are extremely important when it comes to testing the eye conditions and determining the existing problems. Screenings are particularly suggested by eye care practitioners to the individuals who are not getting enough training for their eye related problems. You can get in touch with the health care practitioner of your family, or gather further knowledge from the sites to protect the eyes of your children.

  • The parents need to ensure that they are not neglecting the symptoms associated with the children such as Squinting
  • The parents need to ensure, that the child is not tilting his or her head to get a better vision
  • Frequent rubbing of eyes, especially when the child is not sleepy
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Uncontrollable tearing

Negligence in the initial stage can lead to severe consequences and even blindness among the children. According to the stipulations of AOA or American Optometric Association, they must go for regular eye check ups.

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