Finding out ways for comfortable reading is one of the biggest challenges, especially for those who are visually impaired. It requires a lot of preparation and adjustment. For many visually challenged persons, reading is no longer fun. There are many low vision devises out there in the market that can make reading a pleasurable experience. Visionary problems can result out of macular degeneration, tunnel vision or retinitis pigmentosa.

The most affordable can be said to be the hand held magnifiers. There are some which contain small reading lamps for illuminating better. There are other magnifiers that are mounted on stands whose heights are adjustable or can be hung around ones neck. You can even make use of strong reading glasses that come in half or full lenses styles. You can also make use of bifocal eyeglasses that have high powered lens segment for reading.  Making use of reading telescopes is another interesting option. These reading telescopes are mounted or handheld onto specially made eyeglass frames. These come with enhanced padded bridges and enhanced nose pads. This will enable your nose to carry more weight comfortably.

There are video magnifiers that project materials on CCTV or closed circuit television, normal regular TV, monitor or computer screen. There is no problem even if you sit too close to the television screen. You can easily adjust the degree of brightness, magnification, color and even contrasts. Among the major advantages in this system, you can be sitted upright comfortably, instead of leaning on a horizontal table. It is however not free from disadvantages like its more expensive when compared to the simple reading glass or magnifier.

There are some reading devices that require prescription from eye specialists. Many of these devices are custom made atht suits particular needs. Your doctor can even prescribe you the correct lens power and devices that are best suited to you, depending upon your activities.

Good lighting forms a very important part, especially with people who are suffering from impaired vision. The person suffering from low vision must insure that there is adequate light in his favorite reading area. Natural sunlight can be the best source of light. If you are reading under artificial lights, you can purchase incandescent lights of a “full-spectrum” variety. It is better to avoid powerful fluorescent light. These lights are not very conducive for comfortable and clear visibility. People with low vision, needs to replace these fluorescent lights with halogen task lighting.

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