There are a lot of teenagers who believe that taking contact lenses will make them look better, although this is not quite the case. If you have a refractive error or astigmatism, it is best corrected with lenses. Usually, teenagers may see as well or better with lenses as these offer a peripheral clear vision. Moreover, the vision is also less distorted than spectacle vision as the lens is worn right on the eyes without the frame to impede the vision.

Teenagers who are engaged in sports prefer contact lenses as they offer clear vision in recreational games and necessitate wearing protective eye gear on the contacts. However, the glasses may fall off and replacing them may be expensive than replacing a pair of spectacles. Teens can choose wearing lenses and then they will also frequently wear sunglasses that are the only thing to be carried. This is because carrying prescription eye gear will not be required. Protecting the eyes from UV radiation is important.

Most parents worry about having to handle contacts with care, but today’s soft lenses are disposable and require minimum caring. Having a few pairs ready will help in case a pair is torn or lost. Contact lenses require responsibility but then most teenagers are mature to handle contacts. If this is an issue, discuss it with your teen and eye practitioner who can then discontinue it.

Financial responsibility is a good way to have your teen handle lenses and this may include bearing costs of the lenses, eye check ups, solutions, torn and replaced lenses. Wearing lenses also enhances self confidence and consequently grades, confidence and school participation may thereby increase as well. In short, the overall personality gets a redoing.

Colored Lenses are Fun

Wearing colored contact lenses is cool with teens as it allows them to change their appearance. Light shades give your eyes a vibrant and tinted hue, like it may change your blue eyes to a pulsating aquamarine, or brown eyes to violet, green or blue. Halloween parties and gatherings may see you with vampire eyes. Color lenses can be even worn by those without eye correction needs, although you do need a prescription as lenses are considered medical devises by the FDA. The doctor needs to ensure that you have adequate healthy and tearing eyes to wear these lenses. Then a fitting should be performed to deem your eyes as eligible for a contact lens prescription.

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