In some cases color contrast recognition may even be lost. Stargardt’s disease causes patients to lose vision within the initial 20 years of their life. There are various ways treat or prevent Stargardt’s disease. According to research, introduction to bright light may influence retinal damage which starts with Stargardt’s disease. There may be no known treatment of Stargardt’s disease although people who have the illnesses are recommended to wear spectacles or sun glasses with ultra violet protection. The symptoms of Stargardt’s disease can be the following:

  • Distorted or blurry vision
  • An incapability to view things in low lighting and
  • A problem recognizing familiar faces

This helps eliminate the possibility of added damage to the eyes by the sun. If you are suffering from Stargardt’s disease, the ophthalmologist may even suggest you to put on special filters in your spectacles so as to wedge particular light waves. The researchers of UCLA School of Medicine reported in 2004 that if Accutane, the acne drug isotretinoin is injected in the eyes of mice, development of deposits of pigmented waste can be reduced. The wastes are caused by abnormalities in the defective Stargardt’s genes and heap up to damage the retina which results in loss of vision.

The supplementation of Vitamin A is something that should be avoided at all costs if you have Stargardt’s disease as according to a few researchers, abnormal synthesis of eye vitamins may be caused by the actions of the gene mutations and this is a factor that may be responsible for associated retinal damage. There is however various ways with which you can cope with Stargardt’s disease as researchers of the American Macular Degeneration Foundation suggest that people who have a history of Stargardt’s disease especially among members of their families may go for genetic counseling before they start planning families.

As a result of the loss of vision in the case of Stargardt’s disease, the changes may be noticed earlier on in kids having with the disease. This is the reason as to why the patients should always go for a counseling session with their doctor or eye specialist so that instances of the disease can be prevented in the future. It is advised that they go for low vision counseling from the ophthalmologist especially if your kid has to continue classroom learning. For instance, if your child has Stargardt’s, they may require books with large prints.

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