Low vision undoubtedly is one of the biggest problems that curb your ability to carry out the day to day functions of every day life. Even if you go out, you are required to rely on others for carrying out the daily chores. You can however, make use of devices for coping with low vision; this at the same time can enable you to carry out outdoor functions.

Sensitivity to light and glare is one of the most commonly associated problems of people suffering from impaired vision. This is very common among the post as well as pre cataract patients. These patients are diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy and muscular degeneration. There are special blue blocking lenses and glare reducing lenses, which can be worn while venturing out.

You can easily wear them, even in sunny and cloudy weather conditions. These low vision devices come in different colors such as orange, dark gray or yellow. Some of the devices are photochromic, these lighten or darken on the basis of the amount of light available. The capability of absorbing lights varies according to the degree of light available. You can get in touch with an eye care practitioner for choosing the low vision devise that suits your requirement the best. He can provide you with the best advice.

You can make use of the head mounted new magnifying glasses that help to provide automatic focusing. These glasses adjust itself on the basis of the distance, near or intermediate vision that you require. These devices are even more helpful than the hand held telescopes.

The portable low vision jordy devise from enhanced vision can be used like a glass for viewing any thing in between, near or far. Rechargeable batteries, portable control unit, operate glasses of this variety. These glasses help to provide in depth perception. This is a feature absent in most of the low vision magnifiers.

Acnes are available for people who are completely blind. These canes help them to walk, without much difficulty. In case you are missing on the peripheral side of the vision, or suffering from symptoms of night vision, canes will assist you in dealing with the incapability and help you to maintain a balance. This is extremely important, for it protects you from falling and incurring damage or injury. The walking sticks are extremely sturdy, and you can rely on them completely. You can make use of telescoping aluminum canes or foldable canes, for your own convenience.

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