• Try metal and plastic frames: A lot of users had worn plastic eye glasses and made their kids wear the same for the reason that they were taken as being more durable, and breakage or bending resistant. Additionally, they were also light in terms of weight and easier to afford. However, manufacturers these days are going for the designs that have metal substances in them, as well as incorporate the features of plastic. Variations in metal composition are considered suitable for kids depending on the alloy combination. Hypo allergenic materials are also ideal as they are perfect for kids who are sensitive to certain metals. Frames like Shrek and Fiona frames are also common and trendy.
  • Make sure the bridge fits well: The bridge of the nose is one of the most difficult things to decide on while choosing glasses. This is because most kids do not have well developed nasal bridges as they need to prevent plastic frames from sliding. They are available with nose pads you can adjust and this will make them perfect for fitting in every nose bridge. With manufacturers recognizing this problem, there may be plastic frames with same functionality for smaller noses.

All the eye glass frames should be individually evaluated to ensure that they fit into the nose bridge. In case there are gaps, between the frame and the bridge of the nose, the heaviness of the lenses will result in the eye wear to slide irrespective of the fitting of the lens prior to manufacture.

Make sure that the glasses are made to stay well positioned as kids generally look on top of the lenses instead of pushing the slipped glasses back to place. Make sure you invite the opinion of your optician regarding which frame is suited for your kid. Certain manufacturers also provide straps with the frames to hold them well in place.

  • Choose the right style of temple: Make sure that you use temples that wrap all the way towards the back of the ear for keeping the glasses from sliding downwards or completely dropping off the kids’ face. Also known as wrap around temples, they are sometimes called cable temples and are used on metal frames. However, using a cable temple is not something recommended for kids who wear glasses part time as they can be cumbersome to wear and take off. You can go for skull or regular temples.

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