Eye problems, impaired vision are some of the problems, commonly associated with age. Additional illumination is a must for people who have reached the age of 60. Additional lighting is a must for the aged individuals, or else they find it difficult to carry out the daily chores. The aged individuals need to take care of certain factors, so that their problems are not aggravated causing permanent damage to the eyes.

If you are working in the darker corners, in the garage, underneath kitchen cabinets, you need to ensure atht there is provision for enough lighting. If your workplace is not properly illuminated, you need to ask your employer to set up additional lighting facilities. Stay in touch and visit the eye specialists regularly. The eye specialist will be able to advice you on the ways in which you can take care of your self and prevent your condition from deteriorating further. Sensitivity to light and glares are commonly associated with age. Some of the very common age related problems may be cited below:

  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration

The devices which are used by aged individuals to cope with problems related to low vision, includes:

  • Lenses that magnifies fine print. These lenses come with extra illuminating features for accomplishing near vision works, or reading
  • Magnifiers can assist you in reading fine print
  • There are audio tapes available for adapting oneself to the television and computer screens, telescopes
  • Shields and lens filters for reducing glare

Treatment is extremely important. Uncorrected vision may lead to undermining of confidence of the aged individual concerned. It may also lead to complete blindness. According to the research findings in the year 2007, the Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, concluded that people with glaucoma that is untreated are more vulnerable to accidents, than people with normal eye sight. Similarly, according to the reports of Neurologic Clinics, a journal, published in the year 2005, reported that thirty percent of those who are old meet with accident every year. About forty percent of the aged individuals are hospitalized for injuries incurred as a result of fall or accidents. Another report published by the same journal states that the lens glasses of multifocal variety, which are said to enable visibility of distant objects, lead to reduction of side vision or peripheral vision. These devices are more suitable for usual household activities. Glasses of other variety can be used for distant vision or reading.

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