Birth of your child can be one of the happiest moments of your life. You can consider the moment your child is capable of making eye contacts with you as one of the most momentous part of your life. Make sure that you are not deprived of this happiness at any point of your life. The visual senses of a new born baby, takes time to develop. In the first few weeks, the child is not capable of analyzing details much, visually. Shades of gray are only visible to the new born. A newly born baby takes several years to develop him.

The development of the infants’ visual senses starts from the stage of pregnancy itself. It is one of the most important phases for the normal growth and development of the child. Proper care of mother is very important during the phase of pregnancy. Physical development of the infant, along with it visual developments take place during this period. The vision centers of the brain starts developing at this stage. You need to follow the proper guidance and maintenance charts prepared by the doctors. Try to maintain and adhere to the healthy diet, the parents must incorporate healthy nutritional supplements in the diet of the infant, for ensuring that his or her growth is normal and steady.

During the phase of pregnancy, you must stay away from smoking, as it can be extremely hazardous for the mother as well as the infant. Medications like aspirin may also prove to be dangerous for the mother and child in the womb, during the phase of pregnancy. Possibility of giving birth to a low weight baby increases under these circumstances.

The moment you give birth to our child, the doctor diagnoses the child of yours to see to whether he or she is suffering from congenital cataracts or any kind of neonatal eye problems. These eye problems are however very rare, but if diagnosed at an early stage, you can easily cure the disease. This helps to minimize the impact on the child’s heath. Plenty of rest during the time of pregnancy, good food, and parental acre is enormously important, for ensuring good health of yours as well as of your child. Antibiotic ointments are applied to the eyes of the new born to prevent occurrences of eye infections. During the time of birth, the child sees nothing except shades of gray. The brain and the retina, does not fully develop during the time of birth. The same thing persists of several weeks after birth.

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