Vision is an imperative element in the learning process and experts believe that about 80% of what a child learns is acquired through vision. Therefore good vision is indispensable for academic potential. If children have problems reading in school or seeing the blackboard, teachers and parents think that the child has vision problems.

At times, the parents are right as contact lenses and spectacles help kids see the board or read better. It is not always a good job to rule out the simple factors that affect refractive errors which may be the first step to ensure that your kid visually prepared for school. However, the following do not count among the only visual problems which are responsible for difficult learning in kids:

  • Astigmatism
  • Nearsightedness
  • Far sightedness

There may be vision problems that are less obvious relating to the way the human brain functions by processing visual information. This may even be an important aspect limiting the learning or acquiring aptitude in your kid. If there are any visual problems that can potentially affect the reading or academic performance, these are known as learning related problems in vision.

Learning Visual Disabilities

There may be learning vision related disorders that are not to be considered learning disabilities. The US IDEA or Individuals with Disabilities Education Act defines learning disability thus: a disorder of the psychological processes including using or understanding language, written or spoken, manifesting itself in the ability to think, listen, speak, write, speak, mathematical calculations, or read. It is also defined as a condition with perceptual disabilities, minimum brain dysfunction, brain injury, developmental aphasia, and dyslexia.

According to the IDEA, it is not just learning problems that the disabilities are concerned with. The problems may occur due to hearing, motor or visual disabilities. Symptoms such as emotional disturbances and mental retardation are also not incorporated within the realm of learning disabilities as are problems pertaining to economic, cultural, or ecological shortcomings.

If your kid places their head too near the book while reading, they may experience a vision related problem that might impede their learning abilities. Specifically, learning problems are influenced by a kid’s vision, irrespective of them being classed as ‘learning disabled’. Hence, a kid having difficulty acquiring the lessons at school may have a learning vision problem, a learning disability or both. The best approach to your kids’ problem is to team up with the teachers, school psychologists, and eye specialist for professional support.

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