In case of vision therapy that can be recommended for kids, visual rehabilitation may also be used to treat visual and perceptual problems, problems related with brain injury (like those arising from strokes), as well as visual problems related with disabilities regarding development. It may also be said that vision training in sports can help improve the visual abilities required in the field of sports. Programs for vision improvement that pledge to allow you to throw your specs away are actually treatment methods dealing with visual exercises, instead of dealing with vision therapies. These are programs that are not endorsed by eye care institutes like the American Optometric Association.

Scientific evidence has not been suggested to accredit claims like self help courses or programs that can alter refractive errors such as near sightedness. Home based programs such as pencil push ups are not actually authentic courses even when they are suggested by eye specialists. In fact these are orthoptic activities that make a patient observe at a small pencil print that is held at a brief length. Gradually it is moved near the eyes with the focus being on the alphabets or letters. This exercise is suggested to be performed by patients at home for reduction of strain on the eyes or additional symptoms resulted from CI or convergence insufficiency.

A study that was conducted in the year 2004 suggests that the home based programs like pencil push up does not work for kids affected with convergence insufficiency. On the results of the same study, it was observed that a 3 months’ program of in office supervised vision therapy along with orthoptic activities can generate functional convergence cure in more than 50% of age matched kids suffering from CI or convergence insufficiency conditions. A good doctor may suggest a pencil push up course for home for curing CI effectively the exercise may be ineffective unless coupled with orthoptics related visual therapy.

In case of sports visual training, vision therapy is coupled with a few other aspects, with sports vision specializing ophthalmologists and optometrists recommending customized programs for VT for persons or players interested in maximizing their visual skills for particular kinds of sports. A lot of professional athletes or Olympics champs go through sports vision programs. As these programs are designed with the sole purpose of enhancing their visual abilities, instead of amending a visual deficiency, they are also termed as vision training.

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