There may be various kinds of remedies that may be recommended for visual therapy as well as for correction of learning disabilities. Some of the scholars may even debate the relationship between the two, and ophthalmologists and optometrists often have divided views on the same. A lot of them advocate visual therapy or rehabilitation as an integral component of a multi disciplinary perspective for remedying different kinds of learning impairments. This is because their contention is based on the fact that kids who suffer from learning disabilities suffer from concealed visual ailments which are said to influence their learning pattern. According to this school of thought, these problems related to learning and vision can be treated successfully with optometric visual rehabilitation therapies. The latter is said to significantly enhance a kid’s learning capabilities.

On the contrary, ophthalmologists of the other school of thought contest this idea that visual therapy of any kind cannot be made effective in the treatment of learning problems as there is no logistic pattern to indicate that changes do actually take place. Similarly, they also contest the idea that visual problems may be used for reducing the magnitude of learning impairments.

In the initial stages of visual therapy for correction of learning disabilities, you need to identify whether your kid has this notion that their academic performance is being affected by their vision shortcomings. If that is the case, carry out a routine eyesight examination for dealing with symptoms of far sightedness, near sightedness or astigmatism. In case the examination suggests your kid does not require spectacles, or if your kid’s present spectacles prescription and if both the eyes have a vision acuity of 20/20, you need to do further checks since there may be a problem. The vision tests using eye charts examines distance vision and does not include the subtle aspects of visual performance.

To thoroughly analyze kids’ vision, go for tests that analyze visual skills that are required for apt reading, or schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist specializing in ascertaining binocular vision, or visual development. Non refractive vision index is also diagnosed by a few tests. These examinations are more time consuming, dealing with eye teaming, perception of depth, focus, and movements as well as perceptual or vision skills. After the exam, the doctor generates meticulous analysis of visual skills. Go for improved treatments for getting best results and remember to make detailed requests about the incumbent expenditure of the rehab course.

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