Vision for our eyes is a complex procedure that constitutes the coordination of the brain and eyes. There can be particular kinds of vision problems related to learning which may fall under any 3 category. The first two varieties of problems affect the visual input of the person, whereas the third kind of problem deals with the visual processing and vision integration. Here are the 3 varieties of vision problems related to learning:

  • Refractive and eye health problems: This is a problem that actually influences the visual keenness in each of the eyes as is measured by the eye chart. The various kinds of refractive vision related errors comprise farsightedness, astigmatism and nearsightedness. It also however incorporates finer optical problems such as the higher-order aberrations. Problems with the health of your eyes can be responsible for low vision. It must be known that a visual acuity that has been decreased permanently cannot be remedies with refractive surgery, contact lenses or even conventional eyeglasses.
  • Functional eye problems: Functional vision is a term that might indicate different kinds of particular functions as well as the control exerted on them by the nerves including the following:
    • Binocularity or eye teaming
    • Finer eye movements for competent reading
    • Accommodation like accuracy, flexibility and amplitude

Lack of functional skills in vision may lead to double or blurred vision, headaches and strain in the eyes and all of this may lead to problems in the learning process. A special kind of visual problem happens to be convergence insufficiency which influences the capacity of the person to let the pair of eyes stay aligned comfortably and precisely during reading. There are learning disabilities that might cause depression and low self confidence. The eye doctor should be seen for diagnosis.

  • Perception vision problems: Vision problems take into account understanding of what is seen by the person, identifying the problems, assessing whether it is important and finally associating it to the formerly preserved information that is processed to the brain. For instance, this would mean identifying words previously seen and coordinating the eyes with the brain for processing the information that was previously stored in the brain. Thus the eyes can identify with the mental picture seen in the brain.

Usually routine vision examinations evaluate the above vision problems, which are connected with refractive and eye health errors. However, optometrists specialize in kids’ and visual therapy with tests for evaluating functional disorders or perceptual problems.

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